“Shoe to the Rescue” at BlogHer ’11 thanks to #Naturalizer

Hi girls, I’m so excited that in less than a month I will be in San Diego for the BlogHer ’11 conference!!  This will be my first BlogHer ’11 conference and I’ve heard so many good things about this event that I can’t wait to go, see my Latina blogger friends again, make new blogger friends, and connect with the companies that are so important to what we do.  I know it will be a great conference!!!!

So in preparation for the conference, I need to prepare my business cards, clothes and shoes…and while I’m on that topic, let’s talk about shoes!!

Tell me, who are the girls that do not love shoes??? Yes, we do love our shoes, even if sometimes they are painful to walk in…but of course, they look so good with their high heels or stiletto design.  Don’t you agree with me?

During the BlogHer ’11 conference, Naturalizer choose a blogger who will provide “shoe rescue” to those who are in need of more style and/or comfort at the event.  As one of those bloggers entered, if I get picked by Naturalizer, I will be offering 30 pair of Naturalizer Violette shoes at the conference in sizes from 4 to 11. (If I am chosen by Naturalizer, you can view details at the end of this post about how I plan to pick out my 30 “shoe rescue” bloggers at the BlogHer ’11 conference!!)

The one thing that I learned this year in attending the Hispanicize 2011 conference was to have very comfortable shoes for walking!!   When walking from the conference room to the party, from the party to the after-party, and everywhere in-between, I didn’t want my feet to get tired or need to change my shoes in the middle of all of the activities.  At the upcoming BlogHer ’11 conference, you won’t want to miss anything either, so don’t wear a pair of shoes you’ll need to take time to change!!

Both you and I want very comfortable shoes…but not granny shoes :(.  We want nice-looking shoes, but not just nice looking, comfortable too!!

Since I’m on the topic of comfort, let me tell you about what the Naturalizer shoe brand has to offer.  Naturalizer produces very comfortable shoes but also a variety of up-to-date styles that go well at your next dinner party, conference event, work…really, for any occasion.

Take a look, below, at the Fall line of Naturalizer shoes…the Naturalizer Violette, Naturalizer Kiril, and Naturalizer Alarm.  that I Naturalizer will prove me if i get pick and I will dressing at the Bloger’11 conference. They are so styles and hot looking shoes and VERY CONFORTABLES

Naturalizer Violette Naturalizer Kiril Naturalizer Alarm

Here is how I am planning to pick out my 30 “shoe rescue” bloggers:

During the conference, you will need to send me a twitter pic of the shoes you are using at the BlogHer ’11 conference via http://twitpic.com/ to @NaturalizerShoe and @superbaratisimo with the hashtag #Naturalizer and tell me how painful and uncomfortable your shoes are!!!  Based on your picture and comments, I will determine if you deserve a “shoe rescue”:)!!!!!!

If you are chosen for the “shoe rescue” I will find you at the conference and award you a brand new pair of the comfortable and stylish Naturalizer Violette in your size.  Coupons for additional discounts on Naturalizer shoes will also be included!!  I will also post a before and after picture of your shoes on Naturalizer’s Facebook page.

I invite you to follow Naturalizer at:
• Twitter: http://twitter.com/NaturalizerShoe
• Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/naturalizer

If you cannot wait to using these confortable and stylish shoes, you can buy them at http://www.naturalizer.com/ and click on the following link for a coupon for $10 off when you “like” Naturalizer on Facebook.

Disclosure:  This opportunity was presented by Naturalizer and the Brown Shoe Company, through MyBlogSpark, and this post serves as your entry to win a sponsorship for your attendance at the 2011 BlogHer Conference.

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