My husband and I have over 30 years of experience working for top 500 companies. I’m currently work as Sr. Finance manager at Microsoft where I make six figure salary. I also the founder of this blog that I have for almost 6 years with revenue of $12k a year. Based on the above experience I can offer the following services:

  • Resumes creation: You get a resumes that ties the job description. I work with many vendors companies and I had been review more of 200 resumes. I know what take to get you an interview.
  • Resume review and feedback: We offer online/phone consultation on your resume and give you specific guidance how to improve your resume.
  • MS Office training: Almost all companies required the use MS office applications, we will teach you the key tools that you need to learn based on the job description.
  • How to negotiated your job offer: We will give specific advice and help you to draft the email to get the best job offer and signing bonus.
  • Blog consultation: I know how to make money on your blog, how to start, what platforms works best etc. I will share with you tips and tricks that I learn during this 6 years of blogging.
  • Ebay sales: I know how to make many on theses platform. I had been selling in eBay since 2006 and make almost $7 K. I will share with your tool, tips on how to start making money selling in Ebay.
  • Spanish classes: Originally from Peru so I’m fluent in Spanish and English.
Price: $25 + depending of the services above. This will give you a free 15 min phone/chat conversation prior to execute the services.

Please email to, find me on skype lilian.hurn so we can answer any of your questions.


Lilian Hurn